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Beers and Wine

Adnams BeersOur wide selection of beer and cider includes:

  • Adnams Bitter 3.7%
  • Adnams Broadside 4.7%
  • Adnams Ghostship 4.5%
  • Adnams Blackshore 4.2%
  • Adnams Dry Hopped 4.2%
  • Aspall Cider 5%
  • Bitburger 4.8%
  • Carlsberg 3.8%
  • Seasonal Adnams ales and casks beers

Wine List


Pinot Grigio, Amanti del Vino, Abruzzo (Italy)
Simple and fresh apple and pear flavours
Stonybank Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (N Z)
Aromas of cut grass and elderflower, with clean, tropical fruit flavours
DR Loosen Riesling (Germany) (125ml £3.00)
A crisp, fruity and refreshing Riesling from the mineral –rich slate soil of the Mosel valley.
Adnams Selection White Burgundy, Cuvee Paul Talmard
Macon-Chardonnay (Burgundy) Pure, unoaked Chardonnay; fresh but full of flavour, touch of spice
Chablis, Domaine de l’Harmonie, J – M Brocard (Burgandy)
The essence of steely, unoaked Chardonnay from Burgundy’s northern most vineyards.
Sancerre, ‘Terroirs’, Domaine Sylvain Bailly (Loire)
Fresh, grapey fruity style, with a steely edge and fine mineral finish. Delightful.
Viognier, Trinity Hill, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand)
Gentle Flavours and aromas of lime, lemongrass complement the distinct aroma of stone-fruit.


Merlot, Casa Rivas, Central Valley (Chile)
Bright & vivacious, with soft, ripe plum and summer fruit flavours
Shiraz ‘head over heels’ Berton farms, (S.E. Australia)
Mouth-filling combination of blackberries, coffee and vanilla oak
Malbec, Bodgas Gouguenheim, Mendoza (Argentina)
Big flavours of cherries and plums with perfect Malbec ‘bite’ on the finish. Impressive.
Chianti Colli Senesi, Fattoria San Donato (Italy)
Lively red fruit flavours with ‘backbone’, delicious
Pinot Noir, Forrest Estate, Marlborough (New Zealand)
Tightly structured, this has gamey, red fruit flavours and a classic Pinot texture
Barolo, Paolo Manzone (Italy)
Elegance, complexity and approachability. Utterly delicious.


Garnacha Roasado, Perdido, Navarra (Spain)
Soft red fruit flavours with a clean and dry finish
Forrest Estate, Marlborough (New Zealand)
Vibrant Pomegranate in colour with flavours of summer berries, touch of sweetness & hint of tannin
Sancerre , ‘La Louee’, Domaine Sylvain Bailly Loire, (France)
Light floral aromas, fuller flavours of Pinot Noir. Energising and fresh


200ml1/2 bottlebottle
Prosecco di Conegliano Spumante il Colle, Veneto (Italy)
Delicious appley flavours and pleasant fruit acidity
£6.95 (200ml bottle) £24.00
Adnams Rose Fizz, Cabernet Franc (France)
Delightfully pale pink, aromas and flavours of crushed strawberries. A perfect aperitif.
Adnams Champagne, Brut

Fresh, yeasty aromas with stylish elegance. 45% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay. 

 £21.00 (1/2 bottle);£38.00 (full)


Samos, Vin Doux, Union de Samos (Greece)
A richly sweet mouthful of toffee and fresh peaches with a dry honey finish
£6.00 (125ml)£14.00

Adnams Award Winning Spirits


Longshore Premium Vodka (48%)
Made from wheat, barley and oats, this is an exceptionally pure, handcrafted vodka.
East Coast Single Malt Vodka (40%)
Rich and creamy with a subtle butterscotch note
Rye Vodka (42%)
Made by Rye grown from Johnathon Adnams farm in Reydon. Our Rye Vodka is smooth and rich with a hint of pepper.


Copper House Distilled Gin (40%)
Infused with six botanicals, this is an aromatic gin with classic note of juniper alongside sweet Orange and hibiscus flowers.
Rising Sun (42%)
Made from rye grown by Johnathon Adnams at his farm in Reydon. We’ve added Japanese Matcha Tea and lemongrass as well as a special blend of botanicals.
First Rate Gin (48%)
We only take the sweetest, purest cut from our hand-made copper pot still to create this fine gin. Infused with a complex blend of thirteen botanicals, this is silky-smooth and balanced.
Sloe Gin (26%)
A truly distinctive, heart-warming , traditional-style Sloe Gin.


Single Malt (40%)
Handcrafted using a small-batch copper still pot, the finest malted barley, unique 70 yr old yeaststrain & maturation in specially selected French old casks. Notes of honey, vanilla & apricot.
 25ml £4.20
Triple Malt (47%)
Handcrafted from three malted grains – Barley, wheat & oats and matured in specifically selected American oak casks to create a smooth spirit with notes of orange peel, pepper and toasted oak.

Rye Malt (47%)
Made from rye grown on Johnathon Adnams farm a mile from Southwold. A smooth, bold whisky,golden in colour with creamy notes of vanilla & warm, peppery spice.

 25ml £4.40


Spirit of Broadside (43%)
An ‘eau de vie de biere’ made from Broadside and matured in heavily toasted Russian Oak casks For 12 months.
Triple Sec (41%)
A sweet and fruity liqueur with wonderful fresh orange notes
Winter Spiced Liqueur (28%)
Burnished gold in colour, our Winter Spiced Liqueur is exotic and warming with notes of cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and pepper grains.
Limoncello (28%)
Deliciously refreshing lemon liqueur made in the Adnams Copper House Distillery
Pomme Pom (40%)
Hand-crafted English apple spirit. Matured for 3 years in specially selected oak casks. A smooth apple spirit with notes of vanilla, pepper and cinnamon.
Absinthe Vert (66%)
A smooth & sophisticated spirit with refreshing aromas of anise, fennel & lemon balm.


Fino, Pale Dry (15%)
Fresh, dry Fino, with elegance and substance.
Pale Medium Dry (17.5%)
Traditional, soft, medium dry – with an attractive nutty length of flavour.
Cream Sherry (18%)
True fruitcake richness, raisined warmth of flavour, luscious and old-fashioned.
Finest Ruby Port (20%)
Soft and rich – a traditional ruby port.
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