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Opening up

Following such dreadful times things will be different, but we will make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as we possibly can for you…and we will need your help and support to do this. Ultimately we all need to remain safe and to do this we will be following strict government guidelines on social distancing at 1 m +, strict handwashing and cleaning.

How it will work… 
  • Re-opening will be in phases (all being well, constantly monitored and subject to change)
  • Strict social distancing at 1 m + is paramount for safety. Any person not adhering to this will be informed that we will no longer be able to continue to provide a service to. We will not hesitate to call the police if any severe breach/non-compliance is experienced.
  • You will be asked when booking how many is in your household as this will determine how we allocate tables. Any booking that is not all from the same household will need to be seated 1m+ apart but we will seat you as close as we can, on the same table if possible to do so.
  • Staff will wear a face mask or visor whilst table serving (taking your order and payment) 
  • Food and drinks will be served from a collection table and your name will be called to collect these from a serving tray and we ask that you return your ‘empties’ (glasses, plates, cutlery etc to our ‘empties’ tables for staff to collect
  • You will be asked to hand sanitise before entering and on exiting
  • Bookings are preferable but not essential. We will check when you book that you have read this, thus have an understanding of how we are running and what is expected from you and what to expect from us – if not we will ask that you visit our website for clarification.
  • We will need to take some details from you for track and trace which we have to keep for 21 days’ post visiting us (as per government guidelines)
  • Full risk assessments will be in place
  • Staff will be on hand to guide you and signage will be clear ·Entrance and exit routes will be separate (one way)
  • Toilets – 1 in 1 out with hand sanitiser before entering and the same on exiting. Hourly toilet checks and cleaning by staff, this information will be clear for you to see
  • Payment by card would be preferable and contactless payment will be readily available
  • The gate at the end of the garden will be closed and locked to control the flow of people and we would ask that if you are planning a walk that you move your car to the car park over the road.We will be working on limited capacity and obviously will need our car parking spaces for those that are dining/drinking with us at the time.
  • Your feedback would be greatly appreciated

Phase 1 (4th July – 19th July)

  • Over the next two weeks - we will open 5 days a week (Weds-Sun), opening 12-11pm, 10.30pm close on Sundays and serving food 12-8pm.
  • Strict social distancing of 1m+ for everyone that is not in the same household
  • Up to 6 households can sit together but must be 1m + apart as per government guidelines. For bigger groups and table planning it may not always be possible to seat you on the same table but we will try our best to at least seat you near to each other
  • Garden only will be open (a marquee will also be in-situ)
  • You will be asked to wait at the entrance for a member of staff to greet you and ask that you use hand sanitiser on entering and on departure
  • Bookings preferable but not essential as we will be working on a much smaller capacity and thus hope to be able to turn our tables as demand increases. Bookings will be staggered to ensure minimal queuing. Please arrive on time. Staff will guide you every step of the way.
  • Payment made by card preferable
  • Orders and payment will be made at the table by staff wearing a face mask or visor
  • Collection tables for your food and drinks will be clear to see to promote 1m+ distancing. We will call your name when safe to collect your ordered drinks/food and we ask that you return your glasses, plates, cutlery etc to an ‘empties’ table for staff to collect.
  • We ask that you do not move tables or chairs that have been set for your booking as plans would have been made specifically for social distancing
  • We will encourage customer feedback to help us move forwards

Phase 2 (w/c 20th July)


(During phase 1 we will continually monitor how we provide a safe service to you and changes will be made accordingly). We will review all aspects on how we have been providing a service from phase 1 including customer feedback.

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Continue with the same opening times and food times
  • Continue monitoring and learning
  • Continue with social distancing at 1m+
  • Continue with staff wearing PPE (face mask/visor)
  • Continue to encourage bookings
  • Continue with collection tables/empties tables
  • Expand capacity (tables) outside in the garden only. Inside will remain closed
  • Implement any changes from government guidance and lessons learnt from phase 1

Phase 3 (Aug onwards)


Continue with constant monitoring and reviewing how we have practised through phase 2 and implement any changes, expanding capacity if safe to do so. Continue to adhere to government guidelines.

  • Open up inside the pub with a table service only (no bar service). Up to 2 households can sit together at 1m+ social distancing
  • PPE usage for table service (face mask/visor)
  • Continue with social distancing at 1m+
  • Continue opening 7 days a week
  • Continue with same food times
  • Encourage bookings
  • Continue to review all customer feedback
  • Table service in the garden
We are very aware this a lot of information to digest but in such uncertain times information is paramount and better shared. All of the above is subject to change but as we make any changes we will keep you up to date as often as we can. Thank you in advance for working with us. We look forward to seeing you back very soon, we will do our everything we can to ensure your experience with us is safe and positive.

To book a table please call us on 01502 478217 or e mail


White Hart Inn,
London Road,
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